Orthopedic Project
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HI I am Gene From Hartlandshoes  This Project is Called Orthopedic Project.  We will show you step by step how we do an orthopedic build up.
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This New Balance shoe belongs to a lady who needs a build up of 1+1/4 inch total. We will cut the shoe in the middle of the insole, so we can keep the original sole to match mate.
We will cut straight across the middle of the Midsole all the way to the toe
This is another angle to show how we cut into the sole.
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You can see that we have cut it open all the way to the toe, but leaving the toe intact
Next we use the Jacksander to  sand both surfaces even to get ready to add the build up material. Click to enlarge.
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More orthopedic pictures
The shoe is all
prepared for the build up...See how smooth the cut is? The better the cut is the better the job will look when finished.  It should look as invisable as possible. Notice we were careful not to cut into the air pocket. Click to Enlarge
when you click on the picture, you will see more steps we left out in showing you another shoe, same style buildup